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Three Things You Need To Know About Moving Out On Your Own

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If you've recently graduated college and are starting a new job in a distant city where you have always dreamed of living, you're probably elated and very nervous at the same time. By now, you've probably learned how to do your own laundry, and your days as a college student may have taught you a lot about how to make a limited income stretch as far as possible. However, there are probably things about living life as an adult that you haven't given much thought to. Following are three things you need to know about moving out on your own that will make your life a lot easier. 

Learn to Really Cook

As a college student, you probably took the majority of your meals at cafeterias, pubs, and your parents' house during holiday and summer vacations. You may be able to put together a mean sandwich or whip up tasty treats in a dorm-sized microwave, but if you're like many young people your age, it's possible that you never learned to really cook. By really cooking, you should be able to do things like roast a chicken or grill steak, make biscuits from scratch, make pancakes, omelets, and other breakfast items, and prepare a variety of side dishes. Cooking real food not only saves money, but it also keeps people healthier. 

Get the Best Car Insurance You Can Afford

If you had a car in college at all, you probably did like most students and made do with a bare-bones policy that only provided limited liability. However, as a fully fledged adult, that type of policy may not be in your best interests. When you were in college, you probably felt like you didn't need a towing package or any other types of extras beyond basic liability — and you probably could have made it to class just fine if something had happened to your car. However, those in the working world need to hedge their bets by having grownup insurance policies that won't leave them hanging if they need a rental car in order to make it to work, a tow, or customer service that involves interactions with actual human beings instead of the typical voice menus offered by second-rate insurance companies. 

The first thing you should do when shopping for an car insurance policy fit for an adult is to schedule an appointment with an insurance agent to discuss your needs and preferences in person. Don't be afraid to ask about discounts — if you're a nonsmoker, for instance, or have an excellent driving history, you may be eligible to receive the policy of your choice at a reduced rate. 

Keep in mind that even if you'll be sticking with the old beater car that got you through your college years for awhile, you'll still be better off with an insurance policy that's more substantial that basic liability. Ask your agent, for instance, if add-ons exist in your policy for missed days of work due to injury. If you're going to be renting during the first few years in your new city, ask your insurance agent about discounts on renters' insurance that may be available to you as well. Check out websites like for more information.

Learn How to Entertain Like a Grownup

If you're like most former college students, you've probably attended and perhaps even hosted your share of barbecue and beer parties. However, now that you've entered the professional world, it's time to learn to entertain like a grownup. Use your newly gained cooking skills to host a dinner party for new friends and colleagues, or start smaller with a tasteful wine tasting gathering — whatever you decide to do, knowing how to entertain properly in your home will help you in both your professional career and your social life.