Filing An Insurance Claim

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Shopping For Homeowners Insurance After Living In The Same Home For Years? Get The Best Coverage When You Move

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If you are moving after living in a home for years and you must get a new homeowners insurance plan, it’s the best time to make sure that you have the right coverage. It’s possible that you have accumulated a lot of stuff since purchasing your home, and you want to know that everything is covered as needed. This is especially important when you are making changes and renovating a new home that you are moving into. Read More»

Dealing With Water Damage? Two Reasons To Call A Public Adjuster

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Water damage can occur in so many different ways. If it’s cold outside and a pipe bursts in your home, the water can flow throughout each space so quickly that your floors and furniture will be completely drenched before you know what’s happening. Mopping up the water is the first step but simply removing the liquid may not be enough to stop further damage from occurring. If you have homeowner’s insurance, you likely file a claim and hope for the best. Read More»

3 Types Of Accidents Workers Compensation Insurance Covers

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Injuries in workplaces aren’t an uncommon phenomenon. You can get injured due to many reasons. Some of the causes of these accidents include equipment malfunction, improper lifting techniques, the use of machinery in an unsafe manner, and unsafe working conditions. Jobs involving physical labor increase the chances of these incidents. If you’re injured at your workplace, you can file a workers compensation claim. In this article, you’ll learn the accidents typically covered by workers compensation insurance. Read More»