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3 Types Of Accidents Workers Compensation Insurance Covers

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Injuries in workplaces aren't an uncommon phenomenon. You can get injured due to many reasons. Some of the causes of these accidents include equipment malfunction, improper lifting techniques, the use of machinery in an unsafe manner, and unsafe working conditions. Jobs involving physical labor increase the chances of these incidents. If you're injured at your workplace, you can file a workers compensation claim. In this article, you'll learn the accidents typically covered by workers compensation insurance.

Lifting Accidents

These accidents occur when you're lifting something heavy or using a machine to move objects. The machines and tools used in these jobs might not be safe, which can lead to injuries or other damages. They include forklifts, cranes, dump trucks, chain saws, and other heavy equipment. You're likely to be injured if you don't follow the safety procedures for handling a machine or tool or if the machine breaks down unexpectedly, sending flying parts and pieces. In addition, many lifting machines used on job sites don't provide enough protection from injury either due to design flaws or inadequate maintenance.

If you're involved in this type of accident, workers compensation can help you. An agent can calculate for you the amount you're supposed to be awarded based on your age, health status before the injury, and any preexisting conditions. You can use the monetary benefits to cover your medical expenses and provide for your family as you recover.

Slip and Fall Accidents

These accidents are caused by a person slipping or tripping on a wet, greasy, or otherwise slippery surface. The most common types of slip and falls are caused by water, oil, or any liquid spilled on a floor. Other causes include slipping on ice, snow, and other forms of frozen substances that can cause injury if they break off into sharp pieces. This accident can cause bruises, abrasions, and fractures to bones such as ribs or vertebrae and sprains to ligaments. Workers compensation will cover the cost of your treatment and medicine if you're injured in this type of accident.

Electrical Shocks

A common form of electrical shock is caused by touching a live wire in an area that has been exposed to water. Other causes include faulty wiring, a power surge or lightning strike, and touching electrical equipment that has been charged. If not treated promptly, these shocks can be fatal. Many workers compensation policies have a provision for electrical shock injuries. They'll typically cover injuries that occur with electricity use and may also include damage to your devices or machines.

Workers compensation covers many injuries and accidents that can occur on the job. If you or a loved one is injured on the job, make sure to contact an agent as soon as possible.