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How DIY Projects Can Save Your Home Insurance Rates

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Are you handy with the tools? If you are, then you can use your skills to improve or maintain your house and manage your home insurance rates too. Here are some DIY projects that can also help lower your home insurance premiums:

Fixing the Gutter

Most people don't really think about their gutters until a roofing contractor tells them the hanging gutters are the course of their roof problems. However, if you have a few tools and you know what do to, you don't have to wait for that day of reckoning. Therefore, keep your gutters clean since clogged gutters cause both foundation damage and roof problems. You also need to fix common gutter malfunctions such as leaks, slope issues, and missing hangers.

Take Care of Your Landscaping

A well-maintained landscaping may be a source of pride, but a poorly maintained one may be a danger to your house and its contents. For example, overgrown bushes near the house may provide burglars with hiding places. Those same bushes, plus their fallen leaves and twigs, are also a fire hazard. Then there are weak trees that may fall on your house; those need to be removed.

Take Care of Your Pool Fencing

A swimming pool, if you have one, is one of the most dangerous things in your home, especially for kids. Don't forget that the pool is also an attractive nuisance, which means you can easily be held responsible for the injuries it may cause to trespassing kids. Ensure you never get to that point by maintaining the pool fence and ensuring that the cover is always intact.

Maintain Your Doorway

The doorway, plus the path leading up to it, is also a safety risk if it isn't properly taken care of. For example, accumulated snow and ice on the pavement may cause slip and fall injuries. The same thing may happen from cracks on the pavement or steps. Then there is also the issue of an oil spill, which can also cause slip and fall accidents. You can avoid all these by ensuring that your front door is always in a good condition.

Know your capabilities and limits before dabbling in DIY maintenance; you don't want to get injured or cause more damage in the process. Let an experienced contractor handle the more complicated improvements such as the installation of security systems. Hopefully, these improvements will help keep your house safe and protect you from potential liability claims from injury victims.

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