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Who Should And Who Shouldn't Get Non-Owner Car Insurance

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Non-owner car insurance is the kind of coverage you buy if you don't own a car but still want to maintain your car insurance coverage. It may sound unnecessary on the surface, but there are actually people who need, and those who don't need, car insurance even if they don't own cars.

Here are three situations in which it pays to have car insurance even if you don't own a car:

You Rent Cars Regularly

Just because you don't own a car doesn't mean that you drive. Maybe you rely on rental cars for all your travels that require the use of a car. If you rent cars frequently, it makes sense for you to buy non-owner car insurance rather than buying rental car insurance every time you rent a car. However, non-owner car insurance generally doesn't cover damage to the car you are driving so you may need to have that covered in another way.

You Drive Other People's Cars

You should always have insurance coverage every time you are behind the wheel irrespective of the ownership of the car you are driving. So if you live with or next to generous friends or relatives who let you drive their cars all the time, you should get non-owner coverage. That way you will be covered even if you cause an accident and the liability exceeds the car owner's coverage limit.

You Have Plans of Owning a Car at a Later Date

You should also consider getting non-owner car insurance if your lack of a car is only temporary, and you plan to buy one. In this case, non-owner car insurance ensures you have continuance coverage. This is advisable because insurance companies consider you a risky client if you have a gap in your coverage, and the risk will increase your insurance rates.

Considering the above benefits of non-owner car insurance, it may seem to you that anybody without a car should get the coverage. However, there are people who may not benefit much from the coverage. You fall in this category of those who shouldn't bother getting the coverage if:

You Cannot Get a Driving License

You shouldn't buy non-owner car insurance if you can't get a driving license for one reason or another. This is because you need both the license and insurance coverage to drive, and one won't help you much without the other. This is especially true if you don't think you will get the license anytime soon.

You Won't Be Driving Forever

It also doesn't make any sense to buy non-owner car insurance if you don't have a car and don't expect to own one or any other car in the future. This may be the case, for example, if you have been diagnosed with a permanent disability that makes it dangerous for you to drive.

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