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How To Avoid Dog Bites In Your House

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Having a dangerous dog (for example, a dog that constantly attacks others) can easily increase your home insurance rates. This makes sense because it is your insurance carrier who will be writing the compensation checks when the victims sue you for damages. This is why it's in your best interest to prevent your dog from attacking others, and the following tips should help you with that:

Keep the Right Breed

Preventing dog bites start with you identifying the right breed to keep. To begin with, you should know which breeds are inherently dangerous; examples of such breeds include Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, and the Bull Mastiffs, among others. However, you shouldn't just focus on the breeds; you should look for a dog that will fit right in your living circumstances. For example, you should not bring a dog that thrives on lots of physical exercises into a constrained space if you don't have the time to exercise the dog. Such an animal may become frustrated and aggressive.

Spend Time with a New Dog before Adoption

Before adopting an animal and bringing them into your home, spend time with them so that you can learn them a little bit. You need to know what they consider as aggression, how playful they are and their general temperance. That way you will be better equipped to know whether you can deal with them.

Encourage Your Dog to Socialize

If you already have a dog, let them socialize with other animals and people. A dog that is not used to people or other dogs may be aggressive when they finally get to meet strangers. For example, they may consider aggressive even things other dogs would consider normal.

Let Everyone Know You Have a Dog

It is also a good idea to let everyone know you have a dog. A sign to that effect by the main gate would suffice. That way, even strangers who may stray onto your property or trespassers on your property will know that there is an animal in the area. That way they may take precautions to avoid getting injured by the animal. Not only that, but warning others about your dog may also help you avoid dog bite liability in some cases.

Warn Visitors from Provoking the Dog

Lastly, you should warn your visitors about the risks of provoking your dog. Note that dogs get provoked in different ways; what might be playful to one animal can easily be provocation to others. Let your visitors know whether they can pet the "cute" dog or it will snarl at any petting attempts.