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Ways That Defense Base Insurance Protects Oil Workers On Military Bases

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Oil workers are often deployed to work at various military bases overseas to find high-quality crude. However, they may experience real danger from combatants and need insurance help to ensure that they don't suffer from any lingering health problems by performing their job.

Base Workers Are Under Real Risk Of Injury

Oil workers who work on a military base are under varying risks of danger. Some military bases are not in combat zones and are very safe. However, those in oil-rich regions, like the Middle East, are often in real fire fights that put the health and well-being of civilian workers at risk.

For example, a sudden battle could erupt around oil workers that puts them in the direct line of fire. In this situation, they must be protected by the military as American citizens. However, there is still a real risk that even this protection might not be enough to prevent injuries from occurring.

The Military Base Must Protect Safety For The Workers

These injuries are something that occur often but which can be negated with the help of the military base. While the military doesn't have to provide escorts for these civilian workers, they do need to take steps to ensure that they are safe. These steps can help oil workers like you avoid serious injuries by protecting you from the dangers of combat.

However, you might still get injured by a stray bullet or flying shrapnel during the heat of a battle. In this situation, you may be off of your feet for a long time during your recovery. Thankfully, the Defense Base Act was signed to help people like you overcome the dangers of working in situations and areas like these.

How The Defense Base Act Protects You

Defense Base Act insurance kicks in for civilian workers who are located on military installments around the world. Essentially, it works to protect them from the dangers of working on these bases and provides medical help when injuries or other problems occur.

For example, a civilian oil worker who is injured during a mine blast would receive help for medical treatment, workers' compensation, and much more. In this way, oil workers can stay financially solvent after an injury suffered in an unexpected way in very challenging areas.

So if you are planning on going overseas to work on military bases, you can rest assured knowing that the Defense Base Act protects you. It might be a smart idea to talk to your employer about this type of insurance to learn more about how it operates.